11 Sep 2008


Ouch…Alice beats me to it. I know I shouldn’t have told Alice at the first place.

Yes, if you come from Alice’s blog...yes yes yes (for endless times), yes..it's true. *jumping up high again and again* Woot~~~~

All 3 of us are celebrating our long lost Chinese New Year next year in the Boleh land.It has been 3.5 years since our last holiday back to hometown and indeed our plan to fly back home sometime next year. I’ve been nagging with Jimmy about that for ages! didn’t even dare to confirm with my mom because we have been delaying it for years till mom said “Only let us know when you’ve booked our flights. Coz your plan was scrapped every year” =.=

Gary, my team leader, had originally OK for my request on the long holiday and was waiting for Jimmy’s side to confirm. I was surprised when Jimmy came home yesterday saying “Guess what? I’ve got green lights from John Barton and let’s book the ticket tonight!” and I just went “Yes! Yes! Yes!” And AJ got shocked with my sudden scream and went a little bit upset. Paiseh paiseh...

Now that our flight has been confirmed, I’ll be able to say it out loud to my family. Yes, Dad, Mom, Bro and Sis, we are going back to see you soon! We can’t wait to say out loud the seconds our flights are booked. So, we called Alice at her time 5:30 AM. Wahaha...fortunately, she realised it wasn’t a dream. the feeling was so good having to be able to step to Boleh land soon.

It’s gonna be really merry next year – Family reunion, Wedding reception, AJ’s first birthday, AJ’s first time meeting his big families in person, bridal photo shoot and not to forget CHINESE NEW YEAR. Woot…OMG, I’ve not been celebrating CNY with my family for 5 long years, Jimmy with his 6 years. Gosh...

There’ll be 6 of us – Jimmy, AJ, Alice, Jeffrey, Ah Soon and Me, arriving Sibu airport that day and I wonder how are we going to Sarikei? 2 cars probably? Humm….I’m not going to worry that much. As that can be sorted within minutes. Ho ho ho….

I’m gonna teach AJ to say gung gung, ma ma, wai gung, wai ma, tai gong, tai ma….and oh..gu gu, shu shu, jiu jiu, yi yi…=.= I wonder if AJ can memorise them….Everyone can’t wait to see AJ. And I can’t wait to let AJ meet our friends and our big families.

Couldn’t sleep last night. Too excited!

Yum yum...kampua, laksa, ah zheng’s cha me, kom pia, bian bian hu....

Counting the days...


Updates on AJ

AJ is getting better now thanks to all your prayers. His diarrhoea stops now *finger-crossed* Still having his cold and cough for the moment but he sleeps quite well yesterday. A pillow was placed behind his head to free his airway. Only wake up a 2-3 times as he keeps turning around. Naughty him.

He went back to his usual-self since yesterday evening. Jimmy sent him to nursery this morning and surprise surprise he didn’t cry as he used to be when Haley, the nursery assistant, holds him. Probably, he now knows the routine eh? Good boy.

Thank God….

Babies likes to share this so now it’s my turn to get sick – cold & cough….I have a weak immune system =.=


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yes! I won~~ muahahaha