17 Sep 2008

The unwell us 3

Curse AJ’s bug. Curse the bug to hell! Why do you continuously making AJ upset? He hasn’t been able to take his daily nutrients since whole day yesterday. He’s hungry…extremely hungry…desperate for deliciously tasty food & milk. Why don’t you just die or be a good bug – attacking all the bad bugs? Go away..go away…damn you

AJ had the diarrhoea attack again. He was well on Monday, spent the day blissfully at the day care. He had his dinner at home around 6:30 pm and went straight to bed after. As we, the adults, were preparing to go to bed around 9-ish, he woke up vomiting all the food he took previously on the bed. All of them! Astonishingly, no crying I was expecting. He was so sleepy that he snoozed seconds after a quick change.

And another vomit after he had his milk in the early morning around 3. This time the whole milk he just had. Followed by diarrheoa. Gave him dioralyte next after change, he took just a few sips. Then snoozed. An hour later, he throw up for the 3rd time.

Seen doc in the morning. Doc advised AJ to avoid solid foods and milk for the next 48 hours. O_o. His poo was sent to hospital for laboratory testing. We’re still waiting for results. Hopefully, no harmful virus is found. It has been just a day since AJ touched no food nor milk. He’s really hungry. He’s only satifsfied with 2 sachets of Dioralyte (14 Oz) one go at each meal time.

I took 2 mutual preference days in advance to be with AJ while he’s recovering at home. Also grabbing this chance convalescing myself. This also means I had to work this and next Friday. T___T Doh…who cares? As long AJ is back to his healthy mode, anything worth it.

The bug got into Jimmy now. Pray pray he too will get better. He'll taking a day off tomorrow resting and taking care of AJ at the same time. This will be Jimmy’s first time spending 10 hours alone with AJ. *finger crossed* AJ will be having his first solid food also after 2 day of surviving just water & lots of Dioralytes. Do you think the father and son will be doing ok?

Im gonna write down AJ’s routine so that Jimmy knows what to do in responding to his many different cries in a day. Wish I have hidden cameras to watch at work. I might as well ring to check every hour or two. =.=


Recession started to kick in. With credit crunch, the fall of property prices, food prices hiking up, I’m starting to worry now. Very worried. Very very worried. I was reading Daily Mail online on Monday about the Lehman Brothers, US biggest banking giant, UK third largest mortgage lender has filed into bankruptcy, leaving nearly 5000 people jobless & perhaps unpaid this month. That day is now known as the Black Monday.

I’m working in the same industry also...ah...not with the same company la....Am I going to the same route also? But the company I’m working is reported quite stable wor. Ish…this is very scary.

There’re now talks to merge the major lenders in preventing another big madness. Why hasn’t the government doing anything to this? Can’t they do anything to save this since they have been taxing us so high and higher every year? Why do they only say everything is in plan and I couldn’t see anything happening yet? Why did you speech with poise weeks before your election and then only silence? Actions speak louder than words, people!

God saves us.


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Joline said...

ohh no I'm so sorry to hear that AJ is unwell again!! We'll pray for his quick recovery and jimmy's too!! bless them two. Hope it's not too stressful for you..*huggies*