23 Sep 2008

Monday again...

One of my collegue just became mom yesterday. Both mother and daughter are well. She said she had a difficult labour. Not sure in detail how difficult it is though. But believe me, when a mother it’s difficult, it is.

Somehow I felt that I was lucky because when I had AJ, it was quick. Gary's partner spent nearly 2 days and had c-section in the end. Chloe's mom had forceps to pull Chloe’s head out. Jimmy’s co-worker, Ken’s wife Lee spent a day pushing when she had her first son.

O_o Mine was 3 hours of labour. It was alright but I have to stay in the hospital for 4 days as my blood pressure was shooting high. I was really lucky, eh!

Anyway, congratulations to them. She & her husband named their baby as Eva Louise. Oh…I love Eva name.


Woot~~~ Can’t wait for the coming holidays. It’s coming soon and I’m looking forward to spend our holidays with our families back at home.

I’m looking for a gown that I can look good on it and then suit for any formal occasions. Something that I could wear it on my wedding reception. Whenever I have a look on those gorgeous dresses, these 2 bad guys keep teasing me. Who else? Jimmy & Teck Young thinks that I’m fat. Especially the belly area.

It’s like they are pointing big fingers pressing my head …press press press…till i’m so small…a dwarf or elf. So small…..

Doh…I do really need to keep fit. But I couldn’t find the time too. Work then AJ after. I can only rest when he snoozes. That’ll just about an hour before my bed time. So tired yet I’m still so fat.

Maybe I go for vege? But I’ll be missing the delicious meat meals….can’t lar…Jimmy will go like…..yummy on the roast pork or turkey roast lar…whatever la….*drooling*



Updates on AJ

He still has a little bit of cold. You know ah…seconds after he sneeze, I need to be fast enough to quickly get tissues to wipe of the nasal discharge from his nose. If not, he eats it back to where it is. Hingus! Hingus! Yucks!!! Go away you little dirty contagious hingus. You little devil is only causing trouble to my AJ.

Why the nose located just above the mouth? Sometimes I couldn’t catch it. And AJ tasted a little bit, and then he’ll do the weird face. :-S I have lots of tissues standby almost everywhere now. Just in case…wahaha….

Anyway, he’s back to himself. The moment he’s on his walker, he’ll be moving around like mad. Pull anything that grabs his attention. Jimmy was ironing the working clothes yesterday in the living room and left it to cool after that. As AJ knew that he’s mobile on its own (on his walker), he just run there, grabs its stand then pushed and pulled. Thump thump thump…..Wah… the board is likely gonna fall anytime. EARTHQUAKE. EARTHQUAKE. Kinteo…. Fortunately, he’s yet strong enough to do another 9/11 but can’t be sure in the next few days.




Alice said...

wa lan eh.. heart melt ki when u said the board went thump thump thump! Imagine mum's reaction O.O


Oh ya da sao, i suggest u to go vege?? Cos it will really work leh.. now that u have little time or almost no time to exercise, u stick to vege?? suffer few months then can look good in ur gown ooooo think about the lovely outcomes in the pictureeeeee?????? and years after ur reception, u look back and say wah.. i still look pretty neh..

Stephen said...

Nothing like reading descriptions of labour and nasal discharge over my morning cup of tea :)

Margaret said...

alice: humm...good idea. Better get into vege or fruits....yesh! I'm vegetarian for 4 months starting tonight - after tonight meal. Let me have the last supper of meat dishes T___T. gambate!

stephen: wahaha.....your tea must taste deliciously great! :P

Stephen said...

ha ha :) no comment ;)

Does your blog have an RSS feed?

Margaret said...

I believe so....here's the link http://anything-inc.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default. let me know if it works

Stephen said...

Yes, it works :) Fantastic :) thanks