15 Aug 2008


BEWARN: this post aims to share my experience & knowledge about weaning - when to start, how to baby spoon-feeding, what first solid food to feed, etc.

When is the most suitable age for baby weaning? Is he ready yet? What should I give him first? Spoon-feeding seems difficult? Yes, this is one of hit lists every mom is worried about.

I remembered when AJ visited his GP when he had his first cold (aged about 3 months), the doc advised to let his cold finish its course and introduce solid food. Start with orange juice or kiwi - vitamin-C-rich for his cold. Then, baby rice, smooth purees of vegetables and fruits, slowly continue with family meals. O_o

What? at this age - 3 months only!

My mother & in-law said mix baby cereal or baby rice with milk into the baby bottle - at 6 months. Spoon-feed at around 10 months.

Now what does the book says? recommended 4 - 6 months.

Dilemma...dilemma...dilemma... =="

To ensure that AJ recovered asap, I mixed the orange juice to the milk. But only to start spoon-fed him when he's around six months.

AJ was breastfed till 3 months before first introduced to bottlefeed. It took me several attempts to successfully bottlefeed him. There were times I nearly gave up & tempted to continue breastfeeding. Reason being to his continuous high pitch crying. =.= He finally get used with it and fully on bottle at around 5 months old.

About 6 months, I mixed small amount of baby rice with the formulae milk to ensure that he's full and can stand for a good 3-4 hours until his next feed. He took it well. This continued for 2 weeks.

Next spoon-feeding - failed on first attempt. Gave him baby rice as a start. He was really confused. His tongue kept sticking out - thought it's bottle. Then he got angry due to unbearable hunger. Tried again the next day and next. It even went to a stage that I had to lay him down so that he will swallow it. T___T

It worked but laying down having solid food could risk to choking. So, I changed my mind to do the right way - sitting straight up. After several trainings, he now understand and loves to try different new tastes. Yes! I learnt to spoon-feed him at least an hour before his milk feed - twice per day. Just like having snacks. ^__^

So, what's next? Increase to 3 meals per day - with variety of tastes such as fruit purees or vegetable purees. Yum...yum... He's currently having wheat with rice in apple flavour. Train him to use beaker cup. Get this into routine by changing solid foods as main meals then milk as snacks, first meal in the early morning & last meal before bedtime.

Here're some important reminders:

  1. There is no definite age of when to start weaning. Start when he's ready - when he still hungry after finished his milk. There're studies stating that children tends to get obese easily when introduced to solid foods too early.
  2. Add 1/4 egg yolk per meal - egg yolk is high in protein. Check his stools - if he's constipating after this, reduce the intake of egg yolk.
  3. Cool boiled water is important. Ensure that he drinks lots of water at all time to prevent constipation.
  4. Give him barley drink occassionaly - not too much, excessive amount could lead to asthma.
  5. Introduce fruit purees or vegetable purees when weaning is well established.
  6. Maintain at least 2 formulae milk feed per day - it is very important for his daily growth.
  7. Last but not least, ROUTINE!


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