5 Aug 2008


080808 - Beijing Olympics 2008

Haha...I sounded very patrotic eventhough I'm not from China. Yes, an interesting world event it is and everyone is looking forward to this day as well. ^_^ I'm not an athletic person, ok. But I enjoy this moment. Reason being each athletic has only one aim. One and only one - GOLD to make his/her country proud. Yes, this is where I find peace - no war, no politics, no credit crunch, nothing else - just PEACE!

Won't know the official song of the Beijing Olympic until the day but this one is my favorite.

"Beijing welcomes you" full MV

I'm currently at the other side of the world. =.= But I won't miss the opening ceremony too. We all will be watching live at the city centre where a enormous tv was setup purposely for this event few weeks ago. Will post some photos so stay tune!

See you all there!


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