18 Aug 2008

Life without her

BEWARN: This post is specially written for someone of my family. :P Don't hate me pls for you know I love you very much.

She? Who's she? It has been a week since Alice left AJ and I, 5 days for Jimmy. Erm..how to say this? I'm not good in elaborating. We felt a big part of us missing, esp. AJ. Big impact! =X

I didn't get to know Alice very well since Jimmy and I start dating. That was erm...7 years ago. Gosh! 7 years already!?! Probably being away for so long (study at KL, Kuching & UK, then work, married then baby - hectic life!). Before she came here, I thought she's going to be like... no offence, Alice... "She's gonna treat me like an outsider", "She's gonna hate my cooking - just like his king-tongue brother" or "She'll not bonding with me well". But then, it was just a thought. I know I don't have to panic so much for as long I did my best, she's to decide the best way to treat me. I'll accept whoever she is with my open heart.

She has been with us for nearly 3 months in UK. Our relationship has gone deeper day-to-day ... as in closer & closer day-by-day. She helps me whenever she can. Respect her brother a lots that she listens to every words he said & takes them seriously - well, except the f*** stuff. That's what I admire Jimmy of. Looked upon high by his siblings. Loves AJ so much as if AJ is her bf.

She wears almost all my pre-pregnancy clothes. Wahaha...I'm so admiring my previous body size. Jimmy even goes like "I didn't know your body size used to be that fabulous, Margaret". But now... T___T Diet! I can do it! OK. OK. Back to the subject, she's tough girl. A mature girl, thinks a lot more than she should be at her age. She likes to learn new things, including improving her cooking. Needless to say, she missed my cooking (that's the fact).

She loves travelling but can stay at home for more than a week without going out. But her downside is undecisive, as according to her blog. Her plans keep changing but of course I know when there's a problem, re-plan is a must even if the original one has to be scraped. Until you get to the right one. You know, Alice, when there's a will, there's a way. Gambate.

Right, what is the big impact I talked earlier? Let us see what she has left behind...

A shower cap she brought from Msia & a toothbrush from her cousin moo-moo =.=
I used to have someone to wash dishes after dinner. Now I got meself a part-timer
Clothes remain unfolded till before my bedtime
AJ's Nokia 6680. Posh leh
Slippers bought in UK. Too bad not my size
No one to play with AJ
Her beautiful photo - 1960s
and the sweetest thing is a gift from Ruldof, Val, Davy & Cliff - the family portrait

Haha...not to forget also, all the good memories. This beloved sister of mine has now gone back home for this special event. Her family will be witnessing her wearing the honored gown & walking up the stage receiving her degree certificate. CONGRATULATIONS again. So Alice, don't forget, photos!

We all miss you lotz! Love ya..


Oh yea...just got a brilliant award from her - eventhough I'm a newbie. From her post http://dejavu-world.blogspot.com/2008/08/thank-you-drumsticks.html. haha..I'm so proud. so proud.



ConZx said...

sis...did u noe...
tat pic of aj crying when no one play wif he...
his d hair...
n his d style~~
look same wif dady...
do u noe y i say like tat?
bcoz...when dady slip n wake up...
his hair same as aj...
all up n like devill......

Alice said...

conzx: hahaha we all know, love. We always say Aj has ur daddy's hair all the time. Haha

da sao: wahhh!!! da sao!!! u made me cryyyyyyyyyyyy T__________T dont la.. make me cry alone in this lonely roooommmmm T___T i miss u guys a lot a lot a lot too~~ and the pic of aj crying just melt my heart la.. feels like crawling into the monitor and crawl out from ur monitor to hug him now.. ask aj to kick ah go's butt la ask him to fold some clothes too hahaha

Margaret said...

eh..if u really crawl out from my monitor, i'll call the bomoh eh. Don't jadi the ring lar...very scary eh...muahaha...