22 Aug 2008


Today, AJ had his lunch of 1/2 bowl wheat with milk of apple flavor mixed with carrot puree & egg yolk. Surprise..surprise! He finished all of it. Haha...probably because he's very hungry. The last time he had his feed was 6oz of formulae milk at around 7:15am. Then he took his nap around 10am and only woke up around 1:30pm.

Recently, his day-time sleep hours changed. He used to take his nap around noon time for 1-2 hours then again in the evening for the same period. But recently, he sleep longer in the noon time but hardly sleep in the evening - just 1/2 hour. I'm not to fuss about this actually. He'll show signs of sleepy or tired. As long he is happy & healthy. ^___^

Right...back to the subject (why do I always got carried away?). I willl turn to kids channel at AJ's meal time. You know, to distract him, prevent him from moving around. And, we're watching this interesting cute tv programme. haha..I know I sound childish. "How old are you already? Still watching this kids programme". ==" There's nothing watching kids programme. That programme was so funny...especially the main actor. The way he walks, the facial expressions & reactions were so funny that you'll laugh on his every move.

Important: Too much TV is not good for kid's eyes and even adult's. Remember to give a nice gap when watching. Not too close & not too often!

AJ laughs at it too. haha...Oh yea, the tv programme is called Pocoyo. I found one of his episode on YouTube & you can say it's my favourite, especially the last few parts. Have a look yourself.


Tonight's dinner was Domino. Again. =.= It was Jimmy who got addicted and said he wanted it for his dinner tonight. But how can I diet like this?? T___T

We had our weekly groceries shopping at Morrisons shortly after. It was Jimmy's idea to have groceries done on weekdays then enjoying the weekend "kuan jie", picnic, so on. Good idea actually but we'll see how we get on.


Bedtime....before that, see this. In the living room...while watching tv. Sssshhhh!

Ciao... xx

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