7 Aug 2008

Better be envied than pitied

Today, AJ and I went out to city centre for a walk as planned. Alice went to her cousin's yesterday night and promised to reunite us today. So, I ringed her around 12-ish but went to voice mail, as predicted.

Nevermind, we continued shopping around Drake Circus. Then I noticed that everyone who walks by AJ were all smiling. I pondered why then turned my attention to AJ. Haha...no wonder. AJ was sitting up straight with both of his placed firmly on the pushchair tray. *serious face* Looking right and left. He'll be bumping up and down whenever his buggy run through a bumpy surface. Boss! How cute...I forgot to take photo of him.

2-ish. My stomach was drumming so stopped at a bakery shop nearby to get a sausage roll. Sat on a bench. AJ looked at me. I looked at him. We looked at the pigeons. AJ looked at me. I looked at him. We looked at the pigeons. Again.... T___T

Saved by the ring! A call from Mary. She's at Drake Circus with the kids. Rushed quickly back to Drake Circus to meet her. Haha...what else we gonna do when with Mary? Gossiping...Listen her lecturing about happiness. AJ cried whenever Mary, Ron or Alice carrying him. >.< But smiled back again when they joked in front of him with me carrying him.

4-ish. Called Alice again to ask if she wants to meet to walk back together. Again, voice mail. =.= In the end, we walked back in the drizzle rain.

I pitied myself having bailed out by Alice. ^___^ Alice, I am not angry with you. Honest. But I will remember being aeroplaned for so long for the 1st time in my life.

On the other hand, I know everyone is envy with what I've been through. Yes, every moments that I shares with AJ. Well, as long as AJ is with me, I won't feel alone. Will cherish this forever.



Alice said...

whahahahahah ni hao du ni hao du ni hao du du du du du~~~ (Anyone know this ssong?) SORRY LA DAI SOU~~~~ PLEASE FORGIVE ME T_____T I already jumped down from irene's flat..And this is my lost soul typing.. Wooo~~~~ *ghost sound*

Margaret said...

haha...as published, I'm not angry with you. Got used to it dy. ;P

-esjen- said...

hahaha.. "Got used to it dy"... very deep.. very very deep..

and Mrs Ling, Alice was in fact always always late when we were in Bristol.. We nearly get scolded several time for her always late habit hahahaha...