25 Aug 2008

AJ got a GirlFriend!

Curse the weather forecast! We originally planned to organise BBQ today before the summer ends. Unfortunately, it had to be called off because of that lousy forecaster predicted that it will be a rainy Sunday. It was indeed gloomy in the morning but the sky went shiny blue till late evening. =.=

But then, the day was not wasted after all. Yes, today we met Carol, Dylan & their 6 months old Chloe. Finally, I get to meet the little cute baby girl I talked about previously. Haha... we talked non-stop & basically everything. Baby care, baby talks, baby meals, families, careers, you name it! Except weather. I couldn't believe it myself also. It was like we just met yesterday (since March in London).

We originally reunited at Curva Cafe in Drake Circus, and then we took them to Plymouth Hoe & Barbican. Next, dinner at the New China Garden Chinese restaurant. Chloe is so cute! Especially at her meal time. ^_^ I enjoyed watching her having her solid food. But she's shy. Cried whenever I tried to play or hold her. She's seems fine for a few seconds with Jimmy. T___T Am I that scary?

After dinner, we went back to my home & took few photos & a video AJ with Chloe together. Because of the time when the video was taken, Chloe looked a little upset & sleepy. Yet, she's still so cute. ^_^ I am so proud of AJ when he befriend Chloe. Sayang her when she’s upset. Comfort her when she cried by hugging her. In return, she also sayang him. So adorable~~~~ They even hold hands together. The funny one was AJ smiled after he held Chloe’s hand. First time he hold a girl’s hand, wor..haha…

Dylan & Carol both are very sweet couple. We took a few photos together but on their camera. Will only get it when they're back to London. Will post it when I got the chance. But I couldn't resist to share with you all first of how AJ & Chloe got so well together.

#1/ AJ comforting Chloe

#2/ Everyone, the video

Too bad they couldn’t stay too long for they need to get back to their hotel – about 1 – 1.5 hours driving, to rest before getting back to London tomorrow. It was a short encounter but we all enjoyed it. I have learned a lot from Carol about baby stuff. Very comprehensive. SWEET!

Hoorah! AJ got a friend but she lives hundred miles away. Dylan, Carol and Chloe, it was lovely to meet you. Safe journey back to London and we’ll meet again someday.



Alice said...

wahhhahahha aj sooooo cute!!!! His sitting is more stable liao ho.. And he knows what you guys want him to do ler.. so kiut~~!!! Geram aku tengok.. Mum also said aj so cute. And Chloe ish tired liao la i think she's sleepy. IF not she will play along too.

ConZx said...

aj like a xiao da ren o~~hahha!!
so fast have gf lo...
ane xin fu o~~

Margaret said...

jeng jeng jeng...*the proudest mom of the world, me of coz...flying up to the air with her angel wings*