16 Aug 2008

How I spent my Friday

Muahaha....It's a good day indeed today. With Jimmy's day off & the arrival of Mr Sun, we did some shopping - to get some nice working clothes for meself, since I have bloomed since the pregnancy.

We stopped at BK (aka Burger King) for lunch. Jimmy had his dark double whopper meal and I had chicken bites kids meal. I know...I know... I'm not a kid anymore. But I'm not very hungry, so light meal is enough. Check out what free toy we received from the kids meal.
#1/ The spongebob square pants! perfect for AJ

We continued to Primark - the cheapest clothing store in UK. Each of us brought something home except that AJ got the most. T______T It was supposed to be me bringing lots of clothes home but AJ's clothes are so cheap and we didn't realised most of them are AJ's. See for yourself.
#2/ 7 vests, 2 pyjamas, 2 long sleeve shirts & 1 jumper
#3/ Jimmy's ties

I got meself a new black bootcutflare trousers & a shiny red blouse. Sorry no photos taken, as they are in the washing machine once I got back home. haih...when I was trying the clothes, I thought the moments with Alice. T___T

I'm such a failure. Really in need to get more new ones but it's hard to get the right fashion with my size now. I'm used to choose what kind of clothes to wear, but now the clothes get to choose me. =.=

Then, Domino's pizza for dinner. We're now addicted to their pizzas. Honestly, they taste better than pizza hut's. >.<
#4/ Garlic pizza bread
#5/ Medium size pizza

What a day....Jimmy even went asleep while watching tv. AJ went to bed early. Normally 8ish or 9ish but today 7ish. *Blessed them*

Also, I had a nice and warm cuddling from jimmy yesterday. Do you know what he said this morning? "I thought I cuddled a man!" T__T Loss of appetite at lunch but then got back at dinner. hehe...don't want to miss the Dominos pizza. But but but...to prevent anymore criticisms, I'll get into extreme diet to look good for my wedding next year! Starting tommorrow!



Alice said...

wahhhh love aj's new clothes but love domino pizza the most!!! shopping wont be any fun without u da sao.. no more crazy times in fitting room wahahaha ganbatte on keeping fit! u can do it~~

Zaymes said...

Arrrrr...spongebob figure.....=x
how come BK here dont have the figure


Margaret said...

Alice: yes yes. thank you..Diet Diet Diet...

Zaymes: haha...coz BK manager too lokek. BK here want to get more business so attract kids lor...but not all the toys are nice though...