27 Aug 2008


BEWARN: My experience & lessons learned from Carol, Chloe's mum about baby teething

It's hard to tell whether it is teething when AJ cried non-stop without any reason. He could just cry out loud suddenly in the middle of the night. It was not being left alone in the room or got hurt. Nor because he's hungry (not the time for his feed) or having a bad dream.

Each mum can differentiate between baby cries - seeking for attention, hunger, poo, nappy wet or anxious. But this is a cry which lasted for 10 minutes straight. It's the crying of pain. My heart is broken into pieces whenever he did this. I was helpless, could not do anything but to calm him down.

When he stopped, he couldn't get back to sleep fearing that the pain could come again but you can see that he's sleepy. The only thing I can do is to keep entertaining him to help him forgetting about the pain. Not long later, he lost the fight with his sleepy eyes...

Few days later, I noticed AJ start biting his thumb finger or put anything to his mouth to chew during the day. So, I had a peek of his mouth and realised that he has sharp a white hard edge on his gum. It’s a tooth! A week later, I saw another one, its brother! Or sister! Yes, I am thrilled. Haha..not because he’s crying for the pain. I’m not that bad…It’s because he’s having teething period. Now I know the reason why he’s been crying so much lately especially in the middle of the night.

My co-worker, Gary who has a daughter of 1 ½ years, has recommended a very effective teething solution and I couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Gary. You can get one from Boots in just 2 to 3 quid. It works very effectively. Its small printed how-to instructions says this - “Under six months, half a powder, above six months, one powder, dry on the tongue, night and morning”. But for fast action, I used my index finger dipped with the powder and massage where his gum sores. It works within minutes.
#1/ Ashton & Parsons Infant's Powder

For his itchy gum, I couldn’t think a better way to help him not until recently. I gave him a dummy but it doesn’t work very effectively. After mummy talk with Carol, she introduced a loopy links teether (aka rattle). She showed me the different textures of the teether ring which Chloe’s enjoyed chewing it. While the different colors catches baby’s attention… “C’mon baby, have to try”. Brilliant, isn’t it? Thanks Carol. I got AJ the same one and check out how he’s enjoying it. Haha…
#2/ From ELC (Early Learning Centre)
#3/ AJ have a try
#4/ Another try
#5/ Hmmm...does he like it?

I’m looking forward to see AJ's two teeth fully grown, which could take up to another month or so. Watch this space...


Here comes the most important part (I know you have been waiting for this), ladies and gentlemen….the tips to ease your mind of reducing unduly prolonged dentition (sorry, I have been dragging for so long):
  • Press/Massage his gum when you wash his mouth at bath time. This will reduce his pain when the tooth comes out. Make this as a habit. AJ enjoyed it and now always expected it at his bath time.
  • Apply Ashton & Parsons Infants’ powders to soothe his pain. For fast action, use your index finger dipped with the powder to massage where his gum sores.
  • Always check his temperature and poo. Not all but some babies get diarrhoea and fever resulting from teething.
  • Avoid using any other chemical product for teething, such as bonjela. A&P is the one I only used and it’s made from herbal product that works extremely well for AJ.
  • Get a suitable teether/rattle to soothe itchy gums.
  • Start brushing his teeth as early as possible with suitable toothbrush & sugar free tooth paste

AJ is having his first nursery settling in period tomorrow for 1 hour, then second one this Friday for half day before getting his full time day care starting next week. Will keep you posted of how he’s doing…*finger crossed*



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