1 Aug 2009

My first bag

Woot! I just got a new bag. It's so lovely and love it very much.

It's small but it fits me well.

It's purposely made for me and others same age as me.

It's yellow, blue and orange. Perfect combination colors and I love to bring it around with me.

Guess what? It has a name card and I'm going to write my name on it - AJ Ling so it will be returned to me if it get lost. Brilliant, isn't it?

Hmm...What should I put in there? ah...I know. my precious dummy. so I can hide it from daddy and mommy. They won't snatch it from me when I need it. yes! teehee...showtime!
the front
the back side
thumbs up

Cute neh. Thanks Mom and Dad. Imma calling it bebe. :)

p.s. 12 days to go...


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