8 Aug 2009

Last Friday in Plymouth

Yeap, another sunny day today. We didn't do much but went down to town again. hehe...

Lunch: I had 8oz sirloin steak at Weatherspoon while hubby had the gammon steak. AJ had lunch at home before we went out so he had a few peas and potatoes. My steak was well done alright but too stiff. My teeth hurt a bit after the meal. T.T Hubby's steak was too salty. Not a really good meal.

While waiting for food, we took some pictures. AJ just woke up and still a bit blur in the photos.
pardon my plain-no-make-up face
family photo
look at mummy opps... the camera!
AJ sure loves this sofa

Went back home after lunch and collecting the free photo from Debenhams since we don't have anything else to do.

Dinner: Home-cooked meals. Rice with 2 meat dishes and a plate of pak choi. Didn't finish them as I cooked too much. Bad estimation. =.=

Supper: Vanilla ice-cream...yum yum.

Oh dear, from just looking at the photos and by just reading what I've just typed, I am not eating healthily, am I? Not to forget, I will be eating like a pig when I get back home. I need to watch out my eating else I will just get back to my post-pregnancy body again. T.T But I'll enjoy first....haha

Anyway, it's again another lovely day today. Been packing little by little at home.

Not sure what to do tomorrow but if the day is good, I'll probably go to the playground in Central Park, not the one in Beaumont Park although I prefer the Beaumont Park. Update you guys our tomorrow's activities.

And oh oh oh, here are some photos taken yesterday and the day before.
that's the purpose of bebe
AJ's sweetest smile of the day
playing with the see-saw. Look at my round face

p.s. 6 days left. Woot....


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