8 Aug 2009

Last Saturday in Plymouth

I did some packing preparing for our one-way trip back to Malaysia in OMG can't believe it, it's not far now or in other words very near now...haha...i'm just being annoying...in 5 days. Woot! I'm looking forward to it but feeling sad at the same time to leave Plymouth which I have been living for the past 6 years and WMS which I have been working with for the past 3 years. T.T This is the place where I graduated, secured my first job and gave birth to AJ. T_____T

Yes, where was I? packing..ahhh....I did some packing ok..I am not going to repeat the purpose of the packing anymore else I'll be repeating the same paragraph over and over again. =.= and I found a nintendo hubby bought for me last Christmas in the luggage. It's the nintendo DS lite limited edition with guitar hero version. So, I took it out and I thought it should be made to full use not collecting dust. I haven't touch it since after my CNY holiday. Since I'm so free apart from the need to care AJ full time, I could play the nintendo game at my free time.

So, I had it charged yesterday before I went to bed and started playing the brain training game this morning. Last time I checked when I first played the brain training was about 4-5 months ago, my brain age was 80. =.= I remembered that time my response was so slow that hubby laughed at me at the result. ==" I know you're laughing as well. Don't deny it! I started playing it again this morning and guess what...woot! 46! My brain age is now 46. At least it's better than 80.

Hubby took a test as well and his brain age is 54. wahaha...at least i'm better. muahaha....Now I need to train more to exercise my brain to be 27 or less!! Whoosh!

We stayed at home today. It's another good day just like yesterday. But we're taking a break. Oh, don't get me wrong. We live not far away from the town but it requires a lot of effort to push AJ's pushchair climbing up the hill...it's very tiring I admit. I had to catch up my breath whenever we reach to the top. It's not easy you know. I'm getting old already. =.= So we took a good rest at home today apart from taking AJ out for a short walk around where we lived this morning.

Oh yeah, Ken and his family came over today. His daughter already can crawl and stand up on supports and she's only 8 months old! Amazing isn't it? AJ only started to crawl at around 9 months but I heard that girls tend to pick up things faster than boys. She's a cutie and I'm sooo jealous of her really fair skin...Brandon the eldest child is turning 3 on the coming Monday and we're going out to celebrate. It's gonna be fun! I'm looking forward to it!

p.s. 5 days left.


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