21 Aug 2009

Home sweet home...

Apologies everyone. I haven't been able to update you guys of my well-being so far even reassuring you guys that we've arrived to our homeland at last. Reason being we're busy doing the chores and settling here at the same time and I hardly touched Alice's computer.

Anyway, we're back home...woohoo

We were totally 200% exhausted...very very exhausted. We took the train on Thursday morning last week to go to London from Plymouth and it took us 5 hours to reach London. Fortunately AJ took his nap while in the train giving us some peaceful time. When he was up, he was nearly incontrollable for he, just like any other children of same age, loves to explore and go anywhere when he's mobile. Fortunately, it only happened when we nearly arrived at London.

We had a lot of luggages to bring with us. 2 too over huge to check-in then 3 by hand carry. Poor hubby had to carry the luggage by himself. Thankfully the Paddington station has the left luggage section allowing us to temporarily leave our luggages guarded at a small fee. Then we headed to the China town to feed our extremely desirious stomach. Misato, yes! I had my favorite, the pork ginger bento while hubby had his chicken bento. It's lovely as ever...aww....
with Teck Young at the Plymouth railway station. See you back in Malaysia, Teck Young!
in the train....singing to AJ
obviously he hates it. I have a lousy voice
then he suggested that I should be keep quiet =.=
the ocean view I always enjoyed when I travelled to London via train
some quiet time myself...ahhh
hubby playing nintendo game
AJ poking from behind
in the tube, he had to hold on to the train pole as well. =="
at the covent garden...AJ didn't look very pleased

Around 5-ish, we went to the airport using the Heathrow express, 15 minutes journey from London Paddington. Very convenient indeed especially when we have so many luggages with us. We checked in early with no complications but only to find out that our trouble started the moment we boarded into the plane.
T.G.I. Fridays in the Heathrow airport
hubby: don't piss with me mate
the only family photo in Heathrow

The plane was so packed and AJ was crying every few hours due to the over-small-size basinet he had to squeeze in sleeping like a prawn and he couldn't turn around freely he used to be on the bed. He was really tired, really uncomfy and sleepy but couldn't go to sleep so he only had a few hours sleep. I couldn't either T.T I think I only managed to sleep for about 3 hours in total. T.T

I was extremely relieved to find out that our plane landed early. The end of the torture. haih.....finally!!!

Anyway, it's good to be home at last but it's extremely HOT HOT HOT HOT here. No jokes. Really hot I tell you. We were sweating all over. AJ's only wearing singlet just nappy no pant during the day. But it's really good to be home at last with families (Mr Wong, Alice) & friends around in KL.

Home sweet home...at last


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