12 Aug 2009

Last Tuesday in Plymouth

Hello again....I hope you guys are not bored with my every day "Last" posts since Thursday last week talking about what have I been doing that day. Are you? Don't worry if it is for it will be stop by tomorrow. I was wondering how much can I blog if I do it everyday. I'll tell you the summary on the last "last" entry, which is due on tomorrow. At the mo, feel free to leave your comments on the 7 continous last "Last" entries, even if it is not good.

Well, as mentioned from previous entry, I went to my company with AJ. AJ was very naughty and he kept lying down on the carpet for no reason at all. Prolly he likes green eh? He was shy at first meeting my colleagues but within the next few minutes he was running around like it is his playground! Imagine that there's a person less than 1 metre tall running around shouting, sneaking under the table, climbing up the chair and stealing whatever he can steal. =.= I had to run around catching him. Gosh...

3 of us were due to meet Ritchie near to his flat and we're passing by Rudy's car and I was surprised to hear Rudy's car engine was on! I thought, OMG is that a thief trying to steal Rudy's car. I quickly nudged hubby to be prepared just in case. Rest assured it was just Ritchie warming up the car to prevent it getting rusty. He was waving from inside. Phew....

We had lunch again at Weatherspoon, not the same one we had few days ago. This time it's in Barbican. I had the beef burger Gourmet...wah...it was so delicious. Even better than BK, McD or KFC. I love the cheese. Love it! Love it! I believe this should be available at most Weatherspoon and I believe you should give it a try if you happened to come across.

I know it's the annual Britain firework championship tonight and tomorrow and it has just started right at this moment. I had to missed it. What else? Packing. Why this packing never ends? T.T I had to weigh the luggage to check how much it was overweight then unzip the luggage taking the heaving stuff / clothes out and redo the same thing again. T.T It's too heavy and I don't understand where is the weight coming from. I hate packing coz I need to make sure it's not too heavy to prevent extra charges and also complaints from hubby. Hubby would go bleh bleh bleh..neh neh neh...da da da...unstop like my nana.

Anyway, I managed to get it balance now by taking most of my clothes & shoes out. I need to get new clothes & shoes once I reach KL or wear Alice's temporarily. Hopefully I can fit in her clothes well without breaking them. Plus, my clothes are quite old already so it's probably a good time for me to get new ones in. It's on hubby anyway..muahaha *evil grin*

Oh yeah, we saw some lovely cakes from a new cake shop in the town today. Mr Buns. It sounds like a Chinese bun shop but it's not. I saw lots of people coming in and out so I thought I might as well give it a try. The cakes looks soo lovely.
One word. Ptuik! AJ didn't enjoy it as well. He totally rejects it after the first bite. Same goes to Hubby. In the bin they go. It's toooooo sugary...like having zillions sweets at the same time.

Here're some of the photos taken today & yesterday....
AJ found this way very comfy
with Ritchie

p.s. 2 days left



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