5 Aug 2009

To you, for you, In favour of WMS

Allow me to dedicate this post to WMS.

Dear WMS,

To all my adored colleagues and beloved company Western Mortgage Services (WMS) I would like to take this opportunity to express my greatest appreciation to you.

Right, I joined WMS on 26/05/2006, I have learned a lot be it from working experience or social life. I was the only Malaysian and Chinese in WMS and because of that everyone in the company knows me. And still is. =.=

Let me describe my experience at the interview time with WMS. It was a few weeks before my final year exam and I was excited but I considered myself lucky to be short listed for being a foreigner in UK. The interview went quite well. I brought the certificates and transcripts along with me on that day but I forgot to show the documents to them! How forgetful I was! The file was brought there with me and left unopened until I reach home. I thought “I’m dead. No hope this time. Not a single chance!”. But surprisingly, I received a call the next few days and YES! I’ve been offered. Whoosh! I’m so proud of myself for being able to secure a job before I graduate.

I still remembered I was pretty nervous on my first day. I went to the HR department and had some introduction with Health and Safety training, working policy, IT policy, bla bla bla. Then I met my then manager who interviewed me previously. The meeting took place in a small meeting room. And when I tried to stand up to follow him to the IT department, the table suddenly fell down! The legs came off from the table surface and off it went down. OMG, I was sooooo embarrassed you know. I didn’t expect something like this happened. On my first day wor.

Anyway, I had to learn a new development tool called Magic, which WMS acquired since 1999 from day one and which I don’t have a clue about it from my university education! It’s not a programming language but it’s a tool (something similar to Microsoft Access) with a mixture of programming concept which WMS use for in-house systems. It was pretty difficult at first but with the help of Gary, my then mentor now my team leader, I took it quite well. Whoosh!

I don’t like to be sitting in the office doing nothing so I always came up to Gary asking for more jobs. Haha For a period, I think Gary got really scared of me whenever he saw me coming. I was known to him and the other team leaders from the same department as Maggs the machine. T.T Because I completed the assigned tasks so quickly that these really amazed them and Gary knew that he had to find a new project for me not long after he gave me one. I didn’t realised that myself until they told me a few months ago.

So within months I was able to get involved with more challenging projects, which I admit a lot of experience gained from there. Personally I enjoyed working with WMS. I didn’t felt that I was discriminated or bullied and mix well with the colleague at work. The most important thing of all I think my English has improved working with WMS. I went from only speak out only on project related stuff to jokes with my colleagues. Sometimes they do tease me for not speaking English properly, but I don’t really take note of it because nah…I can’t be bothered.

Seriously, WMS is a good company to work for. I enjoyed the benefits provided from WMS. 26 paid annual leave, compressed working hours from five days to four days a week, 9 months paid maternity leave, paid sick leave and a small funding over getting a new spectacles and lots more, what else can I ask for? I would certainly recommend anyone to work with WMS. It's the best company I enjoyed. If not, I won't stay there for 3 years!

However due to family reasons, hubby and me along with the support from AJ, we decided to move back for Malaysia starting fresh so that we could be together as one whole real family. At least we are not separated too far away compared to thousand miles away in UK which can be reachable, huggable, touchable after 13 hours flight from London to KL plus the 4 hours train to Plymouth, 1 hour drive from SIbu airport to Sarikei also not mentioning the waiting hours in between in the airports. T.T

Today is my last day and to my surprise, they even decorate my table today and giving me farewell gifts. They are so lovely, weren’t they? I was so emo when they gave me the pressies and cried. *sob sob* They made me sad to leave. Anyway, we had the leaving buffet lunch at the Buffet city restaurant which was good.
My new badge - wore it for 2 days
Sophie was frustrated with KFI stuff. Oh no, I think she's going to hate me for leaving KFI to her
What is she doing there so close with me posing with that wicked smile?
Meet Beaks
Two lovely ladies from the team
Meet the systems team

Tom Fisher sat next to me...love his company lots!!!
Sophie posing again =.=
Stacey Clare and Paul Davison from the New Business team who I work very closely with at my service with WMS
my desk
Sophie again. She loves posing in the camera...bless~~~
The hand gesture....still trying to figure what are they doing
Pressies I got from the team...thanks guys
The WMS badge which you only get it for your 5 / 10 years service but I only served just 3. Really appreciate it!
AJ reading the card
and playing with the big card

last but not least, flowers.....



I know I’ll be missing you forever. I know I’ll be missing walking from my home to the building every morning. I love you people! I love you WMS! I love systems department! I love you lots. Muacks! Muacks! Muacks!

p.s. 9 days left. Can’t believe it! We’re flying next Thursday.



Alice said...

now u're making me loving WMS too. I know how u feel.. must be hard. It's ok~~ the best is yet to come~ Cant wait to reunite with u guys again~~

Marge said...

whoosh! Can't wait to meet you guys in person soon. Had enough with the webcam. hehe....