11 Aug 2009

Last Monday in Plymouth & Pre-Tuesday

Morning :0) & Sorry T.T I was too tired to blog what I did yesterday. Was busy packing packing and packing and tidying up things while taking care of AJ.

Boefre I continue, please allow me to take a few moments to pass on my message to my beloved friends below (in no particular order)...
Eunice Lau - my ex-housemate in KL
Joy Yii - my school friend's sister
Mr Wong - my sister-in-law's bf
Kayianna Jess Hung - a friend we knew here in university
Josephine Lee - my college friend

Girls and 1 guy, I wish you all blessed with many many happy return. Happy Birthday! I miss you all a lots......and we shall meet again soon.


Right, what did we do yesterday? We went out to celebrate Brandon, Ken's son who turned 3 yesterday. We had the birthday lunch at Noddles lounge and the meals were very nice. Thanks Ken! We returned to his house for the birthday cake. The cake is lovely too. Unfortunately, the photos are all in Cheryl's (Ken's wife) camera. But that's not the important thing. The important thing is I wish you, Brandon many many happiness and wish you all your dream come true. I see you back soon. Love you guys lotsa.

Then we headed home for more packing. And oh oh oh, we watched Ponyo, a Japanese animated cartoon movie. It's full of magical fantasy loveeeeeee story and I love the ending. I love the ponyo name. It really is a cute name. You should watch it too.

AJ is watching the Bolt 3D animated movie while I'm writing this post and AJ found it very funny. He was laughing on some of the cute actions when I don't think it's funny. But I think it's the cute actions that the animals (Bolt the dog and the hamster) made AJ non-stop laughing. Cute AJ~~~ I shall let AJ watch it to keep him entertain.

Next...out to see my ex-colleagues and lunch with Richie (Rudy's bro, Rudy our friend not Rudy the croco-nasour in Ice-Age4). Later...

p.s. 2 days left. oh....getting very excited...


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