25 Aug 2009

Meet the King of Fruits

It has been a while (loooooonnngggg time) since we last went to pasar malam (aka the night food festival). I guess it was about 7-8 years ago. We visited pasar malam yesterday at SS2 and the place was soooo crowded. They sell almost anything, food, jewelleries, bags, cakes and so forth at a bargained prices.

Of course, the guys didn't waste any time in getting their hands dirty on the king of fruits, Durian.

According to them, they bought the D24 durian aka the bestest Durian - from Pahang. Unlucky me didn't really enjoy the Durian or else I will be enjoying them myself too....wahaha.....not sure why but I would vomit whenever I taste it. Now the whole car, room and everyone's mouth except AJ and me are full of Durian smell. The smell gonna lasts for days I bet. Even chewing gum won't help. =.=

On a completeeely unrelated note, ever wonder how my beloved sis-in-law, Alice and Mr Wong sleep? Here's the answer of your puzzle.



Alice said...

yeah! I sleep like a man~ RAWR~~
i knew this post is coming haha
now the whole world knows how ugly i am when i sleep T___T

Chris said...

lol I win~ I already knew how #2 slept :P bwahaha