1 Sep 2009

The Bubble Spinner

The north-east-south-west blowing wind has surprisingly influencing us 4 lately including me being the most lousy player of any whatsoever game to play the facebook Bubble Spinner game. It started with Alice being the top champion then Mr Wong ages ago. As we're on holiday in KL at the moment and job hunting, hubby passed his overly long free time playing the bubble spinner.

After so many uncountable attempts & failures, he finally succeeded in being the top among our friends. and Alice felt being challenged pantang dicabar wor so she played the bubble spinner whenever she has her hands on the computer ignoring her usualself daily routine playing her second life in the Sims3. Still trying to beat her beloved brother highest score. LOL....

Bubble spinner - a bubble shooter with a fun twist works with the same concept as the tetris game. The goal is to prevent the balls reaching to the walls around it and the balls will be removed if 3 or more same colored balls are grouped together. Depending on the force from where you shoot the ball, the bubble spinner will be twisted either clockwise or anti-clockwise so that you can work around with the colors. You score points based on the number of balls you removed. Very interesting, aint it?

I wasn't interested until I tried it myself and I am myself is sort of addicted already even only on the first few attempts. You would go eeeeekkk screaming noooo when it's going to hit the wall or go oppps if your hit missed. haha

My current score is 274 currently which I consider good on the second attempt. and guess what, I have already beat one of my friend's score. teeheee..if you haven't try it before, you should give it a go...

Behold, everyone. I'm gonna catchup with you guys soon. Sooon.......I mean it so hard that I will play it every minute everyday 247 regardless how busy I right at the moment my eyes are open and before my eyes closes for at least 8 hours. as if I thaaaaattttttt free.... =.=


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