2 Sep 2009

The 2.5 weeks holiday stroke job hunting in KL

Renown to everybody yes time indeed flies quick la time waits for no woman la it's true the 2.5 weeks gone pretty fast and I am not denying the fact that I am pretty upset to leave KL tomorrow but also excited to visit the place where I grew up meeting my families soon the slow mo laid back life in Sarikei.

So for the past 2.5 weeks, we went to quite a number of places and had lots of food. Went to Times Square to have our hair cut, the Curve to meet my ex-coursemates, Sunway Lagoon, pasar malam in SS2, Sungei Wang, Low Yat Plaza, Genting, Jusco & Tesco in Cheras. Not to forget, we've been eating a lot of foods and because we're not burning them effectively, we have gained a lot of weights in just 2 weeks. Pretty shocking, isn't it?

While we are hard at enjoying ourselves here, I myself am also hard at hunting for jobs. I have been to interviews but still awaiting for responses. Why is it so hard to look for a position that I really want? Is it because I don't shine enough? Or am I requesting too much? or is it because I look ugly doesn't look like the person as mentioned in my CV?

I am pretty down now. Probably it's because I couldn't secure a job. I feel like I want to bump me head to the wall with the strongest moment and fell down and get to sleep or punching into the mirror breaking the mirror into pieces but I don't dare to do that as I don't want to end up with bandages then screaming for pain then having people looking pity at me then interviewers seeing me weird with the bandages wondering like I went to clubbing then got into fight with another pretty sexy lady trying to flirting with a handsome guy or I hurt myself by falling down the stairs or when I scold AJ with the cloth hanger or a belt =.= Ceh...sounds like I am an evil mother. Ridiculous!!!

I know it's just matter of time. I have to be patient and wait and see. I must wait!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!




until when????? Sampai bila? 到什么时候? aiseh...my Chinese is still looking good. easy la...using malay --> english --> chinese translation on the web la...so freaking easy...haha...

haha...I'm good good....honestly. I am just being the usual complainant. I will be optimisic and I know the best has yet to come. Enjoying the long holiday and the food in Malaysia like I never had it before...Woohoo!!!

Anyway, I'm glad to meet you guys (in no particular order):
- Ong Chen Hui
- Alice
- Mr. Wong
- Chieng Heng Bing
- James Ho
- Pearl
- Lee Siah
- Rosverny Choo
- Brandon Choi
- Jason Lim
- Jaren Chia
- Ah Pong
- Trish
- Brandon Lim
- Felicia Chin
- Banned Ling
- Evonne Kong
- Brenda Leong
- Rudolf Ronald

Those I haven't met, don't be upset. I'm sure we'll meet again. I see you when I see you. Muacks...

Sarawak, here I come! Can't wait to have the Hiek Lik's kam pua, Ah Zheng's son's cha mien, Sarawak laksa and most of all, my dad's free ice cream. yum yum...we may be going to Sibu meeting my schoolfriend's son and to Kuching meeting some of my few friends over there. It's gonna be good to meet our families and friends soon....

We're still not sure where to settle down yet. Still deciding either KL / Sarawak. I know time will tell. Time will tell...and will update you guys when we have reach to our decision.

ok...back to the FB MindJolt Bubble Spinner / Sims 3



Alice said...

whoosh dont be down!!!

I am ur biggest supporter!! besides AJ and ah go though.

U'll get it!! I'm sure~~

Marge said...

whoosh....i will...we will...haha...TQ TQ