7 Aug 2009

Last Thursday in Plymouth

Weeks of raining had left us, the Plymouthian, feeling odd. It was supposed to be hot & sunny August, not raining August. =.= However, our prayers have been answered. After weeks of waiting to see Mr. Sun, he finally came out. Actually it arrives at the right time. Just the day after my last working day. At least we get to spend the last few days in Plymouth with sunny & warm weather leaving us memorable days.

We hit to the town today. Hubby carried a really heavy speaker system (5 speakers and 1 one subwoofer) with the hope to be able to sell it at the second hand shop down the town. We bought it online at offer price £35. I expect for £5 only considering the fact that it's 4 years old already. and guess what? We got it for £10! £10! £10!

Not much but at least we got something back to buy something else. haha...happy happy.

Then we went to Drake Circus for lunch and shopping. Beaumont park next where Alice, AJ and I went there around this time last year. It has a kid playground and AJ loved it there so much that he played everything there - the slide, swing, see-saw and trampoline. It's much more fun there compared to Central Park. He loves the trampoline especially and would run back for a jump or more.

Because the Beaumont park is located quite far away from where we live plus the walk around the town up and down spent beforehand, I had to take a short nap when we reach home. No stamina already after jumping on the trampoline with AJ. And oh oh oh, to my surprise, AJ sleep early today. He must have used all his energy at the playground today.

What a lovely day.

p.s. 7 days to go. Woot!!!


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