13 Aug 2009

Last Wednesday in Plymouth

This is my last post for the "Last". 7 post in a row for a week. I felt quite OK to be honest but I need to be free enough to allocate time to blog. Sometimes I felt I have nothing to blog about. But anyway, I did it successfully on the account of I'm not working having some spare time to blog. Hope you're not too bored, everyone...

Hubby and I are soooo addicted with the Nintendo DS Brain Training game lately. We're competing against each other indirectly! and guess what? I managed to sharpen my brain into 28 years which is good while hubby deteriotes to 40. muahaha...but I think you have to be sharp to play the game in order to get good result. It's a good brain training though. I enjoyed the maths part & Sudoku. I can imagine that we'll be rowing over the DS in the plane tomorrow.

Yeap tonight is my last night in Plymouth. To be honest, I thought I would be settling here in Plymouth for good. It never came across to my mind that I’ll be moving back home. I first came here with hubby in 2003 as a student and I had to learn English from the beginning as the accent here is different. Now, not only 2 but 3 of us are moving back to Malaysia starting fresh.

Anyway, there’s one last thing I want to do before leaving UK. A delicious meal in Misato yum yum...the renowned Japanese restaurant in London China Town. The meals there are always very lovely and there are always long queues at peak hours. We would never miss it whenever we go to London. And we’re going to go there for a late lunch before heading to the airport tomorrow. Yipee!!!

Then to Convent Garden which I always missed at each London visits. I heard that it is famous with funny performances all day and I’m looking forward to watching it myself. with AJ and hubby.


Bye bye friends

Bye bye WMS

Bye bye Plymouth

Bye bye London

Bye bye England

I miss you all and hope to see you soon....

Malaysia here I come! Here we come. The new challenging risky yet exciting life begins...

First a long haul flight. T.T


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