19 Jul 2009

Heinz baked beans with pork sausages

It’s very normal when moms get frustrated in preparing meals that looks tasty for kids and full of nutritions. I’m no exception. Because AJ is still learning the proper way to chew the food properly, I always make sure that the food he consumes is easy to digest, soft but not too soft to allow him to taste the different textures of the food in his mouth before swallowing them. Therefore, I always allow more water so that the boiled rice is soft & easy to chew while keeping the texture. Same goes to vegetables, cut them into small chunks to mix with the rice. It’s quite annoying when it comes to meat for its stiff texture and takes a longer time of chewing for easy digestion.

When AJ starts weaning, he skipped the porridge part. He hates the porridge so much that he would rather not eating it. So he jumped straight from milk to cereal then to rice. Strange, he hates the meat too. He would start complaining because of the hard surfaces and refusing to swallow it. True enough I am worried because he’s not getting the required nutrition from the meat substance.

Then one day a friend of mine, mom of two, introduced a high substance of proteins soft enough to be baby’s daily weaning meals. Baked beans with pork sausages by Heinz food company. And AJ fell in love straight away! Rich in tomato sauce, obviously good source of protein – just as the one I’m looking for.

I tried not to use it every day for you know children have demands over food. Children around the same age as AJ love to explore more and if he starts complaining over having the same taste every day, that’s not strange. Fortunately, AJ took it well and thanks to my friend he now is accepting meaty meals.

Meat mince is a another good choice and I choose turkey mince over the other meat mince. Turkey mince is softer yet tastier compared to pork or beef mince. Sometimes, chicken or pork cooked with added sugar for softer texture and cut into smaller chunks. Not too forget, fish!

Moms, you definitely should give it a try. I wonder if I can get this when I moved back. *finger-crossed*

p.s. 26 days left. Woot!



Alice said...

ho~ i will look out for that~

Marge said...

that would be good if you can found it. thanks, dear