12 Jul 2009

Glosson's blog

Would you believe it if I say there is a blogger at just 11 years old. True enough. He's indeed just 11 year old boy. I didn't expect there is such a young boy would be interested to blog especially when you're just primary 11. However, this boy is brilliant - having to be able to memorise ABCs at just one year old is indeed one of the extraordinary. He is!

The interesting part is he gets to meet the PM and our first lady. Gosh! He's so lucky. I'll be over the moon after I get the chance. and now a poet even. Amazing, isn't he? He's really a talented young entrepeneuer. I'm sure his parents are extremely proud of him. His English is good as well.

I salute you, Gloson! Go and have a look at his blog. worth to read, guys http://www.glosonblog.com/



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