13 Jul 2009


Life in my dictionary:

= Live It-to Full Extreme - buggy jumping, parachuting, rock climbing. I haven't done any of this in my life before. I would try it if you ask me 5 years younger. But I've spend my 5 years actually 6 years in Plymouth, UK through good and bad high and low, I have became a different person from the experience. I am going through the normal life just like the other normal people are doing, you know studying, involved in relationship(ssss for some people), graduating, looking for jobs, competing with other applicants to secure a jobs, moving homes (when you’re still renting), buying some gadgets to pamper myself, supporting my life, saving those money for use in rainy days and now I'm a mother. Now, my fullest excitement so far is to see AJ in my own eyes and held him myself on the 13/01/2008.

= is about no pain no gain – it’s all about indirect gambling in your life. Study or not study (for a better life), graduate or not graduate (to secure a good job), buy or not buy a car (for easy transportation or save for future), buy or not buy a house (for long term investment), marry or not marry (for long life commitment), be a parent or not a parent (for a complete family), travel or not travel (for leisure), for better or worse. The only thing you don’t get to choose to gamble is the family condition you get to be born from and when you die. I’m so far quite satisfied with my life, good huband, good healthy family and in-laws, a healthy son, holding good degree, am healthy myself so far though there’re some obstacles in my life. What else could I wish for?

= is about no regrets, no looking back – yes. I agree everyone makes mistakes about making decisions. It’s great when you are not looking back after decision making but you do sometimes look back those wrong decisions you made, When I feel that I make mistakes (like bought a clothe that I don’t like, not studying hard enough to get an A for my moral in SPM), I know I can’t turn back the time. I do have regrets which of course I cannot erased it from my memory but I will remember it so that I won't do the same mistake in the future. That’s why they call it the optimistic thinking!

= is all about taking risk all the time - We are taking a big challenging risk this time by leaving all the things we have build so far here in UK since 2002 and moving back to Malaysia starting fresh. I will be lying to you if I say I do not have any worries at all. But we’re going to give it a try. Sure it will be hard, least to say culture shock but I’m sure with the optimistic thinking, family and friends support, we can do it. That day is coming soon, in exactly a month time from today. *finger-crossed* Tee-hee...

This is my life. And what’s yours?



josephinechoo said...

You're moving back to Sarikei?

Marge said...

Hi jo, yes and no. We're moving back to Malaysia. staying temporarily in Sarikei until we decide where to settle in properly. either Kuching/Miri/KL. depends. :)

josephinechoo said...


Hope everythings will going on fine.

Good luck!

Marge said...

yeap yeap..can't wait. thanks