30 Jul 2009

Chrome or IE?

Forget IE. It’s absolutely no doubt that you get quite a number of annoying errors with latest IE version. It’s either not responding or the takes its time to load the page *yawn*. Yes, I get annoyed too. Especially when there’s news about virus attacks into IE especially with the latest version IE8.

Then I came across with Google Chrome the other day. It’s not new but I can’t be bothered to change IE to Chrome. Reason being I have all bookmarks in IE and changing to a new web browser would mean I need to mange the links at two different places at two different time. I tried Mozilla Firefox as Firefox offers better security but again, Firefox manages bookmarks in a different location. Argh…why couldn’t they use the bookmarks from the same place and I can save a lot of time synchronising them?

I decided to give it a go on Chrome last weekend when we reformatted our pc and I couldn’t get the latest IE version because it requires validation on genuine windows =.=. So, I’m use the old IE version IE 6. Still some website requires latest IE to be fully operational ie Facebook. To my surprise, Chrome offers the most simplistic web browser I have ever seen and spacious even with user-friendly design. It's so simple like learning 1-2-3.

Unlike IE, Chrome loads the page really quick, like in 1 sec. Trust me. IE could take 1 minute even though we’re using the super fast 10 Mb broadband, ok, I don’t have the super fast broadband here but I’m using 2Mb here which is fast enough to load a page in less than a second using Chrome and I can’t understand what IE is doing at the background to just load a page. Sometimes it went non-responsive mode leaving me no choice but to close it down and a message saying window is busy bla bla bla do you want to continue? Of course I want to close it down because you’re wasting my time seeing the blank page and not responding at all even if I leave it running so why do I want to wait anyway?

The best example to show you is the blogger sites. Did you notice with IE, it’s taking some amount of time to load my blog main page with the side menu fully loaded? But it’s not with Chrome! It just loading 100% I repeat 100% so fast that I got so excited to scroll down to get updates from the other bloggers right at the next second!

Still, do use firefox to access into your internet banking or any sites which requires money related transaction for firefox offers better security than IE and not sure for Chrome since I’m still testing on Chrome. I wouldn’t risk accessing to money matter sites using Chrome yet!

Chrome. Chrome. Chrome. I love the Chrome name. Sounds so flashy yet royal. Somemore, it’s free! That’s the topmost important rule, don’t you agree? So, what are you waiting for? Google for Chrome!

p.s. 15 days left and counting...



Alice said...

15 more days~~~~ 15 more days~~~~ i only need to work for 2 more weeks till we meet~~~ *excited*

yea yea i noticed it though, IE quite some time to load ur page, but i haven't try Chrome yet. I might try it sooN~~~ when i got time to do this. Hehe

Marge said...

hell you should give it a go. I forgot to say that Chrome uses IE bookmarks at the same location, which is very ideal.

Anonymous said...

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