28 Jul 2009

Yoplait Petits Filous

Needless to say, calcium is one of the essentials minerals for growing up babies and children. Every babies and young children (no exception) loves yogurt. I don’t know why but it’s very addicting. I love it myself as well too but as mentioned from previous post, I love muller yogurt more more. Oh my, these food manufacturers are doing brilliant jobs, aren’t they? – the taste are just so delicious and loveable.

Yoplait Petits Filous (aka Little Rascals in French) is one of AJ’s favourite yogurt. I can tell you that his appetite would go up the moment he sees yogurt. He wouldn’t take his hands off from it until he sees the empty pot. Cheeky eh. I only allow two yogurts per day though ok maybe extra one if he finished his meal beforehand. No harm but I am limiting so that I can give him other food at the same time.

True enough, babies as young as 4 months can be introduced to this high-calcium-best-for-bones yogurts. However, I personally don’t recommend this until 6 months or later. There’s no hurry to wean your young one for milk is always the best meals for babies. Plus, the organs may not be ready to digest the yogurt. So, do continue to nurse your baby with breast milk exclusively as much as you can, otherwise formula milk.

I have only started introducing AJ the yogurt at about 1 year old. He first took it well in the nursery so I continue with the same routine he has at nursery days at home. Now it’s his favourite and a must have every day! His favourites are strawberry or raspberry.

There’re a lot of yogurts out in the store but I didn’t know this bestest one until recommendation from my friend. Thanks, Joline! There’re lots more children’s yogurt out in the store for different ages and you should give it a go! I guarantee your babies will love them too.

Now I'm a bit worry if I could find a similar one when we move back to Malaysia. *thumb-rolling*

p.s. 17 days left and counting.


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