17 Jul 2008

Awesome Exeter

"Exeter? Just a boring town with only a street of shophouses. Don't expect too much". This is what I said to Alice. All 4 of us, Val, Alice, AJ & me went to Exeter yesterday.

On our way to Exeter, AJ was very excited. Hoorah for AJ! no more train virginAJ's famous rock eyes
The massive Cathedral Church
With Val & ... not sure what this "Church" is called.
Happy AJ
Very very happy AJ

Our lunch at Wetherspoon (nb we finished all of it - the powerpuff girls)

We spent the rest of the day shopping & camwhoring while waiting for Rudolf off work. Exeter has changed since the opening of Princesshay last year. I'm sorry, Exeter for saying what a boring city you are.

p.s. Special thanks to Rudolf & Val for their warmest hospitality during our short visit in Exeter.



-esjen- said...

AJ look so so so cheerful in all the pictures le.. must be the red colour i think.. hahaha... AJ like red colour like me..

Margaret said...

haha..yes yes...i think he enjoys travelling. one of his hobbies in future.