4 Jul 2008

Ah Jen - Sayonara & Gambate

Two days ago, I met a new friend. He introduced himself as ah Jen, self-proclaimed macho man and known to Alice as Siti SyJen. Such a small world it is, when we came from same hometown and only met in so far away place. To our surprise, he knew my younger brother and I knew his elder brother.

His trip in Plymouth was short but we managed to make the most of Plymouth. Just in case, if you're wondering who is this guy I'm talking about, this is who he is.

We took a lot of photos but they were all in SyJen's camera. And he forgot to bring the most important thing, the usb cable to transfer the photos to my computer. I only had this photo taken from my mobile. Sorry ah Jen!

More clearer photo of him can be found here http://dejavu-world.blogspot.com/2008/07/what-i-am-up-to-these-few-days.html.

A lawyer-to-be will be going back his homeland soon to reunite with his family and future wife. Ah Jen, we enjoyed your company here. So, here sincerely, I would like to wish him all the best and look forward to his help if I'm in trouble. Choi! Choi! Choi! Dai Kat Lai Shi.

Ah Jen, Gambate!!!

p.s. He's no more golf virgin. Hoorah for Ah Jen!


Alice said...

buahahhahaha thanks for promoting my blog dai sou. Mwah mwah. So sorry i am the first to comment cos i cant wait to read first. Ya ah jen is a great company and the most talkative guy I had ever seen in my entire life.

Shi Zheng said...

why do i not feel proud after reading your blog? instead i feel degraded more than ever... hahaha

thank you for the nice foods u have made those two days.. dengan ikhlasnya i really like the food you cook. The fish.. YAK LIUUU... the KAMPUA.. i eat two bowl.. what more to say... the pork for dinner that day.. i really really nice.. the lo mai kai.. not bad... still got room for improvement.. hahaha...

i am also not a "dukung baby" virgin anymore.. i never dare hold a baby before.. and i face that fear and actually hold up AJ.. those joys... hahaa..

oh ya, Alice's da sau.. wan more tear jerker movies? Here's a few for you: Song to the Sun (Japanese: Taiyou No Uta), Midnight Sun (Biakuyakou)... ermm.. there are a lot more but i cant remember... Domestic Violence one is Last Friends...

Happy Crying to you ok.. hahaha..

I MISS AJ... :(

Margaret said...

Ah Jen, no more touching dramas for the moment. I have cried endless times when watching "A Litre of Tears". Very touching dramas. Live on forever!

Will start watching Domestic Violence now.

Btw, you should be proud for being the 1st person I wrote in my blog other than my family. Be proud!!!