30 Jul 2008

Lead your life to the fullest

As a mother, I understand that taking care a baby or more is very stressful and tired. It is a lifelong responsibility. Other than that, you have to take care the well-being of the rest of the family. Even so, there are times where you will enjoy his company and when you do, you'll know your efforts is priceless & worthwhile.

Tips on how to have your utmost unforgetable days.

Build up your energy 1st. Have a bowl of baby rice. Yum Yum...



Put all your weight to your opponent.
1, 2, 3 - YES!
Presenting the champion



*ignore the sleeping princess behind*



watch his favorite clips
Born to be a boss



yea yea...hehe =P

Haha...seeing those pictures makes me laugh & forget that I had a rough day. AJ, mommy loves you lotz & owez!



Zaymes said...

nice photo shot....

AJ so cute LOL.....

my gf say he look like you more...

don't tell Jim =x

-esjen- said...

love the first photo... aj can start eat solid food liao... and start learning how to walk liao? so cooll

Margaret said...

zaymes: haha...yalor...many people say that to me already. Jimmy accepts the fact already

SyJen: he's still learn eating properly. haha...not yet walk...still need to support him. =P

Zaymes said...

LOL mar