10 Jul 2008

A surprise to Mary

A good friend of mine, Mary turned 46 today. So, we arranged a surprise event to her.

We planned to get something memorable to her so we went out shopping the other day. We were wowed by the handcrafts sold in a stationary shop and spent nearly an hour in there not knowing what to buy. That's it, a card for Mary.

Yes, a birthday card to Mary. I know, it sounds boring - doh...just a card. Believe it or not, this is a special card, only for Mary.

As mentioned earlier, this is a surprise. We made our usual visit to where she stays. She originally thought that we didn't remember her birthday. And ta-dah, she was surprised when I presented the card to her. ^_^

We spent the rest of the day gossiping about nearly everything, enjoying her tasty and delicious food as always while AJ enjoyed playing with the toys there.

AJ's mobile - Nokia N96
Welcome to AJ's home
Not just Mary, AJ loves the card as well.
wahaha..caught AJ blerking
Credits go to Alice for her effort and time in turning our project into a success.

Reasons why we love Mary:

  1. cooks excellent & nutritious food
  2. teaches us baby care
  3. gives free cooking lessons
  4. outgoing & open-minded
  5. not afraid of basically anything
  6. knows more than any educated people
  7. cares everyone of everything
  8. gives advises to have a long lasting marriage
  9. loves children to bits
  10. last but not least, we all love her

Another success to our mission!


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-esjen- said...

oh.. her name is Mary... just in case Mary read this. This Ling's family kept talking about you day and night... until.. it is as if i know u in person.. haha.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY...