13 Jul 2008

Picnic Saturday

Blessed with so-so Saturday,we decided to have our first picnic somewhere outskirt of Plymouth.

The family together in the carWhere are we going, daddy? T___T I don't like this guy!
Phew! Safe in the arms of mommy
Slow, daddy. got followed by a Police carWoot! nice sea view.Boys & Girls, present to you all the Cawsand & Kingsand
Corned beef & Chilli Con Carne Sandwiches Everyone finished them within split seconds
Red boys vs Green girls
with lovely couple, Rudolf & his gf, Val

What a day! I got so tired, so went bed early with AJ. While Jimmy & Alice continued their fun at Rudolf's house - mahjong, cho di & Wii.

p.s. no more picnic virgin.



-esjen- said...

hey.. AJ can do the rock eyes on the left eye now.. cool...

-esjen- said...

btw.. i really like tat i don like this guy story.. i read it at alice's blog and i read it in ur blog.. i somehow just couldnt stop pitying the guy.. hahaha.. got this sign on his head saying... NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 1 YEAR OLD..

Margaret said...

Jen: you're lucky that AJ accepts you...

-esjen- said...

Kids just love me... *Chest UP... FACE LOOKING AT THE SKY* HOHOHOHO