7 Jul 2008

The so-so weekend

Yesterday, us 3 were originally planned to have a 1/2 yard of hot dog if weather permits. Alas, it was rainy day so we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant with two of our friends, Teck Young & Ah Zai then stucked in Drake Circus Shopping Centre for nearly 3 hours.

We ended sitting in Starbucks talking nonsense. Bla bla bla...update ourselves with latest gossips, etc. Poor AJ got bored shortly later listening to our conversations.

p.s. special thanks to Val for AJ's lovely jacket. Aint he look gorgeous in it?

Finally, we ran home under the rain. I wished I am AJ, lying comfortably in his pushchair with his weatherproof shield.

We quickly grabbed the chance when there's a little of sunshine the next day with few more friends. Jimmy can't wait to have a try of the 1/2 yard of hotdogs at Cap'n Jaspers.

Lucky AJ - protected by any weather condition


That's our so-so weekend. Bored & lonely without the camwhore experts, Ah Jen & Alice. =.=



-esjen- said...

YES.. i beat ALICE to be the first to comment on this. HEHEHE..

how come i feel so hungry when u say Jasper??? I guess i am just jasperised!!!!

Alice said...

hmmph~ minus ah jen. he's is only my maid.. hahaha the hot dog nice nice?? Gosh I am drooling again... haha AJ~~~ Gugu misses u so so so muchy..I m going home(Plymouth). YAY!

Margaret said...

Jen: come to Plymouth for a day trip again. then straight to airport from Plymouth. We miss you a lot. ^_^

Alice: hot dog for the weekend. Ah go loved it!