19 Nov 2009


Hi everyone...

am still alive for sure! Zzzzzzillions of apologies.

I know I know...it has been long time since I last update. How long was it? 2K years! gosh, has that been so long already? I guess I have to admit that I was busy with everything...AJ with dengue fever, driving for 5 hours in Kuching, sorting AJ’s nursery arrangement, house moving, house cleaning, home furnishing, adapting to my new work environment..busy busy busy. 24 hours a day is definitely not enough for me.

Right, I'm not going to make this post boring by talking endlessly about things for the past 2k years...I’m not going to make my blog smelly shooing you guys away forever. Instead, I’m going to enlightening you all with some pictures you’ve been waiting for.
here's the latest family photo
a birthday cake from Lik Jian, our good friend whom AJ loves his company all the time
cutting the cake - me or AJ?
AJ: it's mine!!!...wahaha...
AJ: watch me. I'm gonna get the biggest slice.
AJ: actually it's mama's birthday cake...I'm practising my cutting for my upcoming birthday
AJ can't wait to try it himself.
yummy yummy...i like it

Thanks Lik Jian for the lovely cake & photos. Really appreciate it and Happy belated birthday to me myself. Yes, I'm getting wiser hehe...not older.

Still, I have lots of things to write but i’ll save up to the next few posts. They are those no one ever knows. Including both my family! Till then.



josephinechoo said...

Nice to hear from you that you're settling down well..

Good luck and happy belated birthday.

Alice said...

finally mrs ling!! waiting for your next post~ stop killing me with the suspense and all.. haha

Marge said...

Jo: thanks. hehe...

Alice: sabar, miss ling. sabar. muahaha