21 Nov 2008

Heartbreaking Thursday

It was like every other normal Thursday for the three of us. We left our residence 10 mins before 8. As usual, Jimmy dropped me off near my office and sent AJ to his nursery and then to his work.

Yet, this is not a normal Thursday. It’s my first day of the week going back to work. I had been staying at home caring AJ since Monday. He is very poorly since the weekend. Teething, fever, cough, cold, sore throat, diarrhoea, excessive eye discharge, vomit, no appetite. I am very saddened seeing him so upset. He would just want to have you holding him, doesn’t have the mood to play with his toys, and just laying his back on mine watching TV until he’s sleepy.

By Tuesday, he got better and was able to get back to his playful mood for a few hours in the evening. His appetite has improved on Wednesday. I decided to go back to work yesterday and send AJ back to meet his friends and carers in nursery.

It is indeed not a normal Thursday. As usual, Jimmy and AJ reach home approx 5:30 pm. Got into the house fine. The moment he entered the key to our flat’s door lock, he couldn’t turn the key to open the door. Weird…very weird. Tired for a few times. He thought at first it was the problem with the lock. Called me to ask if I have the back door key. I said yes but there is another back door key in the lock inside the door. Won’t be able to open from outside if there’s a key on the other side.

We then called Julia, our landlady representative, to arrange someone to change the lock. She also felt unusually bizarre. Jimmy picked me up so that he could get the back door key to get into the flat. Both AJ and I waited at the hallway in front. Jimmy went to back door. He gasped when he saw the back door was wide open. Walked past the store room, toilet, kitchen, bedroom...all very normal. Except...except...reach our big lounge, our lovely fabulous TV gone! TV~~~ TV~~~

OMG, it’s the TV~~~ It’s our very first 32” LCD HDTV bought about 3 months ago. We’re totally gobsmacked. We further checked our flat. We noticed that our bed sheet went missing as well. Went to kitchen, the small petite kitchen window is wide open. It’s so wide that an extremely thin person (a skinny kid) could climb in. That’s how the thief got in.

The flat front door was locked from inside. No wonder~~~ It must be the thief who locked the door so that they’ll know when someone’s trying to get in and then they have enough time to run away.

Next, Police! Police! Police! They came in investigate the case and then took some shoeprints. They couldn’t get any fingerprints as the thieves were wearing gloves. Julia came with Kevin to change the locks to our doors. Ritchie and Royston stopped by for a few hours before went back home in Rudolf’s car. It was about midnight when Jimmy and I were only able to get to bed.

Damn you, thief! Whoever you are! Stealing our first TV. I’ll remember you for life! I hope you won’t hurt the other innocent people. You will definitely get caught by police one day and get punishment for what you have done for.

Thinking back, I’m very grateful. Reason being, the thief might still was in the flat when Jimmy and AJ reach home. Else, they won’t just be taking the TV. We have PS2 just underneath the TV stand and a computer with 2 monitors in the lounge. And they’re still there in the same exact place. Jimmy and AJ must have just reach home in the nick of time.

What if? What if Jimmy met the thief (or thieves) face-to-face? Jimmy might get banged. They may hurt AJ! No, I can’t let them hurt my two most important men in my life. I would rather them taking the TV away and left them unhurt.

Despite all that, I’m still thankful that we’re all safe and sound...

Thank God.

But…my TV T____T



ConNy ConZx said...

look like...
england ppl more low standard than ckei ppl..
ckei now less have thief lo...
our factory nvr hv thief broke into too...
bcareful ya...jie...
miss u owezz..

Alice said...

wow!! darn bunch of f***ers~~!!
How dare they took the TV away!!
Mum told me just now and I know you will blog it out so i went here n read. Wow~~ Heart still thumping furiously. But luckily you guys are ok. I rather lose the TV than u guys. God Bless you all. and may the stolen TV broke so that the thieves wont get a single penny/benefit from it!! HmmpHH~~~~

Stephen said...

Oh arse :( Poor you. Not very nice at all. Sign of the times. Everyone gets broken into at least once in their lives :( Hopefully insurance will sort it out. Stealing the TV though! The swines! :(

Glad you are all ok x

Joline said...

oh no i'm so sorry to hear about the news!!! You're right, thank God you guys are alright! A tv can always be replaced. i know it's still quite a shock but try to look at like like 'po zhai siao jai' lor. Hope you all are ok and AJ is feeling a lot better now. Take good care and stay blessed ok? xx