17 Nov 2008

How I spend my Friday with my golden piglet?

Yesh…Friday was not raining as most plymouthians have been expecting, considering raining days mostly since summer ends. Jimmy was assigned to attend a site visit to Tamworth, about 2 hours driving from Plymouth with his colleague, so I had to car from him.

Honestly, it has been ages since I was driving. You can say weeks, probably months. Jimmy did the driving all the time because I had to care AJ at the back. I was pretty worried – will my driving skills ok? Can I still drive?

Now, the car is mine for the whole day, we decided to pay Mary a visit. I know…I know…I can just walk up there what. But I am planning to do weekly grocery shopping which we normally have it on Friday night. Reason being we need more time to rest and prevent AJ to get uncomfortable having going out in the cold night.

Our journey began around 12:35pm (after AJ’s lunch). We planned to shop at Sainsbury’s at Marsh Mills, which would normally take about 20 minutes driving with not much hassles in traffic. We reach approx 40 minutes later. Not traffic. I got lost on the way. Twice.

I thought I chose the wrong route on a roundabout. Then I only realised that I was correct when I returned to the roundabout again. On the same roundabout, I turned into the wrong route (the real mistake). =.= silly me. You know what, it wasn't the first time I got lost at the very same roundabout.

Blessed AJ. He sat in his car seat quietly even his beloved wife (soother) was not with him. Watching intently outside and look at me when I turned to the back to check him. AJ was even behaving really well in the shopping trolley until checkout. Didn’t ask for a cuddle like he used to be. Bravo, AJ! Nearly an hour shopping! Phew~~~

We headed to Mary’s house afterwards. He made a few noises each time after he yawned...oooouuuuuuu...aaahhhhhhhhhh...then he snoozed off. Blessed~~~ As usual, I spent my time at Mary’s eating, yapping and playing with AJ. Picked up Jimmy’s at his office when I received his call, again AJ snoozed after few times of yawning. Aww......blessed~~~

It was such a lovely moment spending time with my little golden piglet. Surprisingly, it’s our first time mother-and-son grocery shopping. Lovely! Unforgettable! Sweet! I have no regrets working 4 long days a week. So worth it! My golden piglet~~~~

I can now concluded that my driving is still not too bad (ignoring the mistakes). Haha…


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Stephen said...

Blimey, it's been almost a week since I last checked your blog! Sorry!

I haven't driven for 2 years so when I do I'll also be very nervous! Not sure when that'll be though. I have no plans to drive any time soon.

I'm not surprised you got lost. Those roundabouts are confusing. It's ok when you are familiar with them but when you aren't they are like a lottery :)