7 Nov 2008

Our latest family photo

Remember this post?

So, it's Friday today, Friday! Friday! I love Friday! Guess what am I going to do today? It's photo session in AJ's nursery. So I'm gonna exercise, walk up to Mannamead from Wake Street with AJ for photographing, then stop at Mary's house until Jimmy's off work. The photo shoots consists of individual and family takings. It's been quite a while since we last had our family photo. So, this is a good chance for us. AJ is looking handsome later. *Bless*
Here's the original post if you want to read more - Hoorah!. Sorry for taking so long to give an update on this.

As said earlier, we took a few nice professional photos. They are so expensive to develop so we only managed to get one. We love all of them. Had a difficult time choosing the best. And you know…after several hours (not hours la…probably less than an hour) of discussion and getting opinion from our friends, we decided this is the best. Here comes the photos. Managed to scan the sample of the others…so ignore the qualities.

The samples we didn't develop in the end. Jeez...I love all of them

And here comes the photos we've chosen to develop - our newest family photo.

Jimmy said I look like a Japanese woman - with the look of the eyes *blush*

What do you think? Did we take the right decision?

We took the cheapest package (yet still very expensive) £15 for 3 copies of the same photos - 1 medium size and 2 small size (perfect to put at both of our work area) Sweet~~~~

I know...i know...AJ's individual photos look great as well. But don't worry. I have another voucher for free professional phototaking session (big size), reserved just for him. Wait till I booked a suitable time. Love the free stuff forever!



Stephen said...

Very nice photos :)

Alice said...

perfect selection of the family photo~

Margaret said...

haha...thanks thanks